Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You are going to Wash YOUR hair with WHAT??!!!?!

Yes. That's right! I am using BAKING SODA and VINEGAR to wash my hair this week... maybe longer if it doesn't fall out and all goes well!  I have color treated, wavy hair. I am not going to be coloring my hair anymore, letting it go dark and using lemon in the sun to allow for natural highlights. It's not thick or thin, but there's alot of it. I would also say it's pretty dry, BUT some would argue that is because of shampooing!

Shampoo strips the hair of natural oils with its lathery ways! I try to get a shampoo with little lather and use small amounts, but then it doesn't feel clean! :? Hurumph!! Plus the shampoo tends to stay in the hair as residue and I cannot untangle my hair with out then using a conditioner....

So let me get this straight... I am stripping my hair of natural oils to get it clean and then adding stuff back from the outside with a cream to be able to comb this hair.  Sometimes I just want to SHAVE the head and say, FORGET YOU HAIR!"

but I do kind of like being able to have long hair and be girly... so back to the experiment....

I have been wanting to try this since reading a post from this blog.... http://www.fortheloveoffoodblog.com
After carefully reviewing the article and the comments (there are many!) On my next lunch break I went to Whole Foods for my usual salad bar snack AND got regular baking soda and White Vinegar....

There is another blog site I also looked at pertaining specifically to the vinegar rinsing!!!

Looking closely at the Vinegar Label, I started to get excited!

 HAHAH Vinegar is your friend!

So I took all of the advice and prepared my mixtures. I made the baking soda part, three to one, 3 tablespoons of water to one tablespoon of B.Soda. This fit in a travel sized bottle. 

For the Vinegar Rinse I did four to one.  In a twelve ounce old Agave Squeeze Bottle, I mixed 9 ounces or water and three ounces of Vinegar. I added some drops of Cool Hottie and Peppermint Oil

( Looking back: Once I was in the shower I realized the Vinegar smell was strong and would have added more of drops or mixed it more along the lines of the Vinegar Rinse Link.... will do next time. Although, my hair did not retain the vinegar smell, it is personal preference.. girl wants to smell GUUUD :)

So I get in the shower and wet my hair and used up the baking soda mixture pretty quickly. And I wonder if I needed more. As I start moving it from root to end, I can see why I am doing this... It is an abrasive and I am actually scrubbing my hair! How cool!!!  It is really neat and I even rub some on my dry elbows.  I think I will try with a larger mixture for my next batch. One of the tips is to make it right before you are going to use it, do not store it in the shower, as the water ACTIVATES the B.Soda.

Not so for the Vinegar. You can premake batches of that according to the Herbal Rinse Post.
I left the B.Soda on for about a minute and a half. Then washed with warm/hot water.

Then I carefully apply the Vinegar rinse, tilting my head back and then flipping over to get the ends.... next time I will do that the other way. Not that any got in my eyes, but I was worried about it and it makes more logical sense to work it backwards.

You want to be done with your shower when you add the vinegar, Because you wash this out immediately and with SUPER--COLD, AS YOU CAN STAND IT, WISH I HAD A WET SUIT--WATER!

Whallla! I'm out of the shower and still have hair! I start to comb it out and am surprised that with zero conditioner it is pretty easily untangling. 

I didn't need to but I did add a tiny bit of 
Miracle Ten to the ends, just because I had some and was unsure if it was going to be frizzy... I will try to not do that next time. 
It was late so I didn't dry my hair, but I am excited to try this again and see what it will look like with it blown dry! Today, I had a lot of bounce and natural curl to my hair. I used a large barrel curling iron to tame the waves a little, plus I got up WAY too early so I had to do something at dawn....
It would be more full on top if I had not slept on it. :)

Truth  be told I don't like messing with much of a beauty regiment and all that, but do like to look nice, stay out of the poor house, and not use toxic crap on my body. 

I am pleased with this hair care bit so far and will keep you updated. 



thundercloudcat said...

I did also try this egg yolk method... it didn't make my hair feel much softer... but maybe I didn't do it right??? I think it would be better if I washed my hair after the egg is out. It was sticky!

​Egg yolks wont only make your hair softer, shinier, and healthier, but it helps you to grow it out long as well. Mix 2 egg yolks with 2 tbsp of olive oil, dilute the mixture by adding a cup of water, and then slowly and thoroughly massage this mask into your scalp. Give your hair and scalp 15 to 20 minutes to absorb all the needed nutrients and then rinse off.

thundercloudcat said...

I have washed my hair every three days with this method! I also harvested some rosemary and followed the vinegar rinse link from my post to create the infusion! It smells really good. I need to get spray bottles to try it out.
I have since washed three times and this last time I felt that my hair was super clean, but was more tangled and harder to come out. To continue using the method, I am going to add Coconut oil as a last step on the ends to add moisture. My hair is pretty dry from the bleach process I did earlier in the year.
I would not use the vinegar on color treated hair. I am pretty sure that the color I just had put on in March has been stripped out. Which is fine, but not if you want it or pay lots of $$ for coloring far from your natural color. Like red etc...
I have had lots of compliments on my hair, as I tend to wear it down more because it feels lighter. It also does not get dirty as quickly, because there is nothing in it attracting dirt. I am pleased and saving a bunch on hair products, coloring and what not. :)thanks! Let me know if you have tried this!