Tuesday, September 10, 2013

hammock moon

Hammock moon beckoning, drawing me near.

Searching for a seat on the peek-a-boo moon,

wandering in an aimless nameless valley.

 I know the prize is just beyond the next ridge,

I know this in the deep place. 

Sit with the power, not fully arrived.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Re-treat, Re-immersion, Re-al

 I have had my dream--like others-- 
and it has come to nothing, so that 

I remain now carelessly 
with feet planted on the ground 
and look up at the sky-- 

feeling my clothes about me, 
the weight of my body in my shoes, 
the rim of my hat, air passing in and out 
at my nose
--and decide to dream no more. 
~William Carlos Williams

I will still envision possibilities, yet be alive in the real moment of what truly is my life. You are what you do, what you choose in each moment. It does not define you, but it does create the life you will experience.


 Things are coming together, meanwhile things are falling apart. 

Waves break at the shore, and the sand takes it all in time. 

 The crash of water pounding on rock, 
breaking it into tiny crystals, 
is music to my ears. 

River water rushes over rocks; 
smoothing edges into soft curves.

Are your pockets full of stones? 

Cannot pass thru the gate withholding

Doors aren't only a metaphor, they swing both ways.
Open your third ear and listen to the water of your heart.