Friday, November 16, 2012

Writing the scripts, Living the dream

There has been talk in my circles about releasing the story of past events. The way we remember things is usually skewed and if you could view it on a movie screen you would likely be amazed at the difference from what you are seeing and what you experienced. When we talk about rewriting past events the focus tends to be on healing a wound, or the negative loop that we keep reliving.

The idea of rewriting ones past or releasing the stories of the past is done in an effort to increase awareness and positivism---lighten the load and retain openness for moments yet to become.

In discussing relationships and relating with my friend Alan, he was explaining how we see what we are focused on and others see what they are focused on, much like we are all viewing life through our own cameras.

Next time you are next to or face to face with someone--- look around and see, hear and feel all the different stimuli surrounding the event and  take it all into consideration...

.... ask them to share with you in this experiment and experience how many different things hold your own and  the other's attention while trying to relate to one another. Even go within and scan the body and the messages and environment that is present there. So much going on!!
Multiply this in the multitudes of persons and dimensions, time and space and the math is beyond my comprehension :)

This different camera focus theory holds true for past event review. Think of a situation with another person where there is a disagreement, a miscommunication of words. You recall clearly that they said "X", they are holding onto that they said "Y". They are sure beyond a doubt as are you... who is right?  What occurred is truly your reality and only your reality.

Unless there was a recording device to review, how can we tell. Well--- we can't go around recording everything and even then we still must develop our own tools and wisdom bank account to guide us through this life :)

I realized to release a story line and cut the fishing line of events that tie you emotionally, spiritually, and physically and so on to these past memories... one must look at both the positive and negative aspects of it.

In surrendering this past cord, one must release the whole nugget, keeping only the wisdom.  The ego strokes and the ego dents alike are cast away, processed and sent equally into the sea.

The wisdom to pull away from a hot burner is kept, but not the burned finger; nor the unscathed finger and the pride of not being burned that time.

To be present, open and free one must pay the burner on the stove the same attention, and knowing that situations may occur in that session of cooking where one could become burned.

In cutting the cord of the whole, incorrect, actually imagined memory the unjaded and green eden of mind can then reemerge.
From this new and open place the vista will be more expansive and release judgements of oneself and others.

Being able to see the red rose for its present and current redness and not a rose from a past lover, or an arrangement from a funeral.
The wisdom gained from being bedside at someones passing can remain, but the swirl of feelings about it need not be mixed in.

To see the light that shines currently on the red rose and then be able to follow a new string. this is the work. this is the key. this is the balance in the release.

Have fun practicing this aspect, it's all we can do ..... ~just journey~