Thursday, February 16, 2012

around the corner of the corner store

As I waited next to your bike at the quik mart, while you ran in for an energy drink....
I peered around the corner of the corner store.
 I spy a couple leaning against their car....

She holding two pieces of paper and him a cardboard case of beer. 
They are locked in on each other's gaze and smiling really big.

 I zoom in with my natural stare and see her passing the papers over from one hand to the other and
 back again, laughing playfully, showing all her teeth and shining brightly in the dimly lit street.

He reaches out his free hand to point to one and then I realize they are lottery tickets and
they have placed a wish on each paper.

A dream and a prayer held in the space between them, although they have already won.
Winning the prize of each other's shared company and dollars scratched off or not they have a recipe for a grand Valentine's day night.