Thursday, December 26, 2013


To Retreat is to Converge- reconnect with Sun Star Moon Earth Water Wind Fire Rain.

To feel equal measure, of pleasure and pain.

To sit, stay, play and grow.

To sing, dance, remember and know.

To see a sunset and a moon rise on the shortest day.

To voice praises of humanity and be human in this way.

This the divine gift, wrapped in this Present.

This the divine gift, birthed in this moment.

and the next.

and so on..

until Breath ends...

I am in my Car; camping, sleepy.

I am hard to rope.

I look up and see fog and haze.

I look up and see clear sky and stars for days.

I look up and moon full with a cloud angel parade.

Wistfully they race by at a mindful pace; flying dancing and blessing this new space.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


It's weird how sad luminaries make me.
So much pain. My heart. She hurts. She cries out, why. Why so much to bear. So bare. So raw. So much feeling.
Like a chest of drawers is on my chest, I heave breaths in and out. My rib cage feeling like a cage of the heaviest metal.
Tears falling and making gullies in the pillow. The cat to afraid to come up.

The fan drones on endlessly turning, spinning. Not unlike the figure below that I call me.