Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the lunatic is on the grass...

The streaming music of Peter Gabriel, Sting , Phil Collins and Pink Floyd  accompany my ears this eve.
I cannot sleep.  to sleep would be to lose a moment of this magical existence I am in.  I am tired, but not in a way that requires sleep.I will rest my weary head and dream of Love....

I love so much of this experience.  but I also mute and turn off many parts of the machine which I do not like.  I choose to see with eyes of love. 

But I know that others do not have this love in their view. 
I choose to ignore their lack of love.  I do not respond to this. 
It is muted and in the background of my day. 
When it rears it's ungainly head I will see it, it cannot be ignored.  When it screams out in plight I will face it.  The only thing I can do is shine love on it.  The only thing I know is love.  All other is useless.  All other is waste. The other comes, but it goes.

Love stays.  Love has weight.  My form is Love.  My life is Love.  Love is life.

Where--- How Far?....Please enjoy the magic. :)

pg. 50, excerpt from the book of verses, " View from BenAnna Ranch" written by Ben Howard ( my grandpa)

"When you look up at the sky and see the stars, millions of them (he saw them from rural Michigan), some closer, some more distant, do you wonder how far does space go? Is there any end to it and what is beyond it? It is mind-boggling.  We cannot understand it really."

    Where--- How Far?
I study the deep and mystic blue
Of the cloudless evening sky.
Both awe and wonder thrill me through-
At the heavens so wide and high.
I ask about that unknown place
That lies beyond the stars.
Where is the end of endless space?
How far from our earthly bars?

But, the answer we may not yet know.
The universe is God's dimension.
While dwelling here on Earth below-
'Tis far beyond our comprehension. 
Likewise, we cannot comprehend 
His Love and mercy without end.

I plan to read this at his funeral services this Saturday, April 3rd 2010.
I believe he now knows the answer to this question.  I ask it often and now I know why I ask.
Take a moment to relish your life JUST as it is at this moment.  It is magic.  All you have and have lost is magical.  All we have to look forward to is magical.

Please enjoy the magic. :)