Thursday, March 5, 2009

the cloud parade

I lay down on the rug of soft piled carpet, surrounded by the flicker and glow of candlight.

I look left, look right and position my head upon its right axis point perfectly neutral and relaxed.

Then I roll my left and then right shoulder under my body, aligning my entire spine and relax my tail bone to the floor.

Fully grounded and supported by gravity. The cats march around inqusitivly and act as my sentry in the night air.

The outer door is open to the warm spring breeze.

The half moon is directly over the eave igniting the sky with brillant yet soft moonlight.

Then I see cloud upon cloud moving swiftly from left to right, very fast paced, like a rolling ocean.
They are passing the window as a cloud parade.

Some are proud and full andothers are sparser, some down to tiny puffs that linger seemingly behind the others, trying to catch up.

I feel a personality in each wave of white; an aliveness, almost see faces and beings and a wave of hello.

Then I realize the sky is blue even at night.
I can actually see through the darkness and see the blue sky that is there, unlit by the sun. What a revelation.
The sky IS always blue.
I relax even more deeply and find that the cats have lain down as bookends on either side of my hips.

They too share this moment and I know that they live in this space most of the day. Aware, awake, in awe of being. Being in the cloud parade.