Friday, February 8, 2013


 Transitions have been tough for me since I last posted in November. I moved out of single lady life and now rooming with a friend and her family. It has been a great place and easy move, BUT.... my stuff, (even though by many standards, I have few possesions) it haunts me! I felt so unorganized, haphazard, and just plain out of sorts! I am at an edge of releasing so many old habits, old hats and still find ways to anchor in the deep ingrained thoughts and patterns!
I like to think I am worldly  and easy going and rolling with it... but in reality and practice and truly I am not seeing that version of me show up. More frequently a scolding, finger wagging, stressed out sleep deprived schizoid is found running my show.  :/

I have been unlinking from some people, places and things and left unsure of where I want to put the new uplinks!  It can seem like it has been a long time, but then the end of 2012 really wasn't that long ago! I also have this feeling of "the time is now!" Which of course it is.... BUT half of the struggle of living in humanity is knowing what you don't want, or don't want to experience again. This is the glass half empty place I come from. I know a lot about what I don't want, and looking for discovery in the realm of what I DO want.

The time is now, and yet not taking the time can be as detrimental as inaction. Last night I attended a Dharma talk at AMALA AUSTIN with founder Vanessa Stone. She talked about the importance of cultivating an Inner Light.  We talk about it, we hear it in the books and readings and meetings of New-Agers and inside Yoga Studios.. but what does this really mean????

To turn on one's inner light is to awaken and turn towards your inner landscape: learning one's own nature and true authenticity.  Going in deep and allowing the Self to rise, to bubble up and learning it's ways. Once one knows this inner landscape, then we can face the world, humanity and happenings outside of us and react in truth. Speaking one's truth, what is really alive in you, in that moment, will resonate with others around you if it is what is really alive. Vanessa also talked about when we live and speak from our whole being and truest self, it is not always sweet, not always well received, but the world could use more truth than sweet!

so February, (hence the title "Feb Brew-ary") is feeling like a reset month, and more is brewing, catching steam and gaining momentum. January had some hurdles, roadblocks and obstacles. In Vanessa's January sitting, she talked about obstacles and gates, which are perceived. There are no real obstacles, only those in the mind. We can be "Stuck" at a gate, but are we really stuck or is there more to experience and let go. "Have we emptied all of our pockets??" "Have we experienced all there is to know at this stage or place?" "When it is time to move on we will know!"

After settling from my move, easing into the new routes and getting over a bout of Flu/allergies, I feel the emergence. A grounding, releasing and flushing has occurred and I AM showing up more as the easy going, let's laugh it off, let's hug it out, let's get outside gal I thought I was!  PEACE!