Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Option one, or two or three or ........

We can watch ourselves spin out of balance or procrastinate from the true issue with worry, fret, and overwhelming behaviors; Or wait for information that will certainly reveal a path. Option anxiety, can occur when we have many options, and weighing each we cannot discern the best course of action, therefore paralyzed and choosing none or impatiently choosing too early.

Being more present in the energies that are showing up in my day, now in real time in my life and day is helping me to see the lessons, gain wisdom and deepen in what is my real life; Not my fantasy life of past experience or future hopes. WE can make goals and plans and have ideas, yet we should stay rooted in what is really happening and what is in our space.

Some recent work events and dealing with these issues and people and long standing relationships have prompted me to turn towards the technique of being present and not spinning into the tale, staying balanced and within my power of self. By interacting with who, what, where and why is presenting in your face, you can be more clear to move ahead OR stay where you are because there is work or Play to be done!

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