Wednesday, October 8, 2008

full circle

Majestic Moons follow me on my path tonight.

Giving me comfort showing me the path is right.

Telling me softly, surely to follow my heart's light.

I am not alone in the path of this moon tonight.

Rocky roads and hidden dangers have brought me to this bend.

Balancing and beaming I find a way into a den.

A place so welcome and comforting, it holds the power of my now;

It heralds the everlasting impulse of my first breath.

To plug into this divinity, to know how one belongs.

I do what I do in the path of others. Many paths; some to cross with others, some to quietly move along.

We sit, ruminate, enjoy and laugh at irony.

The truth sitting heavy and real in the present, the pain light and in the past.

The fear an imaginary hold on the future and may never come to pass.

To come around is to know that you will go around again.