Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Be Free at B Free Yoga Studio

Be Free at B Free Yoga Studio!

BFree is located on the cusp of the West Campus Area of Austin TX uniting the workday crowd and University of Texas Students with the convenience of central location and a great studio spot.  There is ample parking and a wonderful flow that starts from the moment you arrive in the space!  They sport two large rooms with wood floors, men and womens showers and restroom areas.  Towels and mats available for rent.  The main room can be heated and usually is! There are also dimmers to the warehouse-style finished ceiling which help to accentuate each segment of the class from warm up to cool down.

Greeted by a large desk and always a smiling and warm person, the outside energy mixes here creating a freshness.  Once you have signed in you will probably go to the main studio room to the right. This room is oblong and nicely finished for maximum yoga potential.  It is a tight squeeze for three long rows, but you will practicing with some experienced and also generally cordial yogis, who are easy to negotiate mats with. 
The Principal person I have interacted with is Shelby and she is a studio hopper's dream! She effortlessly recalled my name as I returned and made me feel welcome yet not as though I stood out. She also sits in on many evening classes creating a sense of congruence and community.  Her boisterous laugh, smiling announcements, and her yoga enthusiasm echo the positive vibes .  Gioconda Parker's Saturday morning and Monday night flow is a vinyasa wave of "North Shore" Caliber. G'nell brings a huge breadth of knowledge and unending joy to her Anusara Inspired practice. Victoria shares inspiring thoughts throughout her flow classes and also leads the BWeird series which expands the edges of the mat with various themed sessions.

I have relished in the B Hot class and most of the B Flow class and attending evenings and weekends. There is a full schedule holding space for a bounty of classes and workshops and special events. In their own words..."  We are a warm and welcoming Austin Yoga Community with Vinyasa Flow, Hot 26, Yin Yoga and Anusara Inspired classes. Come in and check out BFree with our great 10 day pass for only $20..  

After you have participated in a well led class, received savasana; there are ample cubbies, showers and bathrooms to accommodate you. Now these are space conscious but well laid out.

BFree has incorporated a new monthly offering called BWeird.  The last offering was a class complete with glo-in-the-dark paint, light show set to the back drop tunes of Pink Floyd. The next one is set to be Surfing on the Mat!

I appreciate BFree as a studio in the heart of Austin. They have consistently offered heart and soul in their offerings of classes.

They are a fairly new studio with an upcoming Anniversary event. April 21, 2012. I am posting directly from their website here....

BFREE 1st Anniversary Celebration


Celebrating our 1st Anniversary!
Saturday, April 21st:

8 a.m. -  BNew
10 a.m. - BFlow
12 p.m. - BHot
2-5 p.m.- LIVE! Music/ Lunch
2-7 p.m. - Local Artist + Activities
4-7 p.m. - Workshop style handstand/ arm balance/ hip opener (not a class, come and go as you like, door will be open. Ask, questions, demonstrations, practice)
7 p.m. - Announce Share the Shine! Winner and Giveaways
7:45- 9 p.m. - BWeird Special Event!

Join us for a HUGE Celebration! Honoring the fun, happy, truth that we are ALL made of, 
BFree to BYou! You are appreciated, supported, and loved.
Check it out!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Ahead of Their Time"

"Ahead of Their Time"
An Arthouse Exhibition 

Our dear community member, Nany Zepeda, entered the contest, "Ahead of Their Time", for School Aged Youth and was awarded a place on the Gallery wall. The opening reception was held Saturday March 31st at The Jones Center, 700 Congress Avenue in Austin. Her photo and all contestant entries will be on view here through April 22nd.

Nany is overjoyed with her inclusion in the project and says "This contest gives the opportunity to young artists around Austin to be part of an official art exhibition in one of the most influential places that any artist living in Austin dreams to be a part of...the Universe chose me and one of the photographs of India to be one of the blessed artists featured in this exhibition."

NANY ZEPEDA's Featured Photograph

Nany also asks us to "celebrate with me, the magic of art through photography, but most importantly to celebrate the mysteries of India reflected on the eyes of humanity."

Nany is very active in the Amala community:  Participating in Young Artists in ServiceBhatti Mines School , and  One Village Projects.

Nany traveled to India on Service Retreat with the Amala Foundation- Bhatti Mines School Project.  Here she worked with the community and school, headed by Mr. Santosh Singh. The retreat creates a wonderful sharing between the school children, families and travellers. There is much work and play and deep learning that occurs on these occasions.  

Ms. Zepeda is a bright shining lady who is usually found smiling and hugging and laughing. She has been known to say supportive and powerful things to her friends when they need to hear a comforting word. Living large and much beyond her years, she has a grasp of Universal Humanity, that she shares through her art and words here..

"In November of last year, I travel to India for two weeks and a half. One of the most amazing and powerful experiences that I have ever had in my life.  All the mysteries of India hold space for me to exerience myself even deeper; in many way I never thought possible. The trip impact me so deeply that the repurcussions still here, in my everyday life. One of the great impacts that I had from this was reflected on one of my biggest passions. ART!

While in India, I got to take photographs of many of our family member of India. In their faces the reflection of love and gratitude was alive and vibrant. However, every time I took a picture I wasn't thinking about a "Masterpiece" or an "Art Compassion." Every shoot was just a human to human  connection that a simple camera give to me and the side effect was that I was creating a masterpiece with every shoot.
And on the past few months these photographs have given me what India did.....the opportunity to experience myself even more deeply. 
The photographs had won many contests and recognized by so many people, But most importantly they met India through my art."

Many community members were on hand at the unveiling reception and a few  are pictured below.  Thank you all for your continued support of Nany, the Youth and our Community! Peace and Love... and ART :)

Nany with Linda Freiheit

Tammy Howard and Daughter Amber :)

Crystal Schrieber and Jake Howard

Nany and Maya Adjianai

Majida Al-Hussaam
Maya and Kris "Cricket" Ferrari

Nany and Veronica