Monday, November 29, 2010

broken, yet perfect...

Golly gee...
Look at me so fancy and full of intention....
when its all said and done, ask did you have fun? ... 

then you can be sure of the direction.

Days full of technical quirks, the computer is a jerk, the streaming was done while i was dreaming...

Hit a speed bump and dissolve into a lump; try to avoid ditches full of bitches.
No energy to disagree,
still I cannot foster a new agreement.


Nights with screaming streets and easy treats leave me lean, no longer green.
Dark dank alleys mapped in the memory mind,
How lucky I turned at the right time.

My unknown prayer saying, "One day one time it may align, live with this hope or leave it all behind."

Broken, yet perfect... distinguished by scars, barred from biker bars, played by guitars and strung out in a melody of me.

Swim easy like a mermaid, dance like a cat on catnip and smile as a dog with a bone... 
Sing a sigh of relief because you have called your own master home.

Broken, yet perfect... the valley only low because the mountain grew, 
out of the light and into the depth of me with you.

Meet force with the forceful, meet peace with the peaceful, meet love with power of a whole heart.

Once relaxed the bonds coalesce and the caress is felt through and through.

How good, how real: to be broken and perfect and true. 

photos: myquite via Greece

Monday, November 15, 2010

oh and another thing....

just a reminder, just a note, all of this seeming forgone conclusion is all a joke.

It can change every moment, in a flash, the things you hold dear smoked out in a flash.

Just think of what you think of yourself today, and how many costumes you will put on your masked soul in this way.

Imagine impermanence and imagine it for real, take on an idea of  permanence and how does that feel?  The only thing constant and forever is change, just when you get an idea and get used to it, it will go out of range.

You are forever a changeling and others are too, this is not just your universe, I live in it too.

WE don't always get whatever we want, but for god sakes can I get it without getting caught.... getting caught in the memory, or lost in the dream?  for whatever I am into is not whatever it seems.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

true reflections

When the mirror is taken away all I have is you to tell me my projection. There is no truer rendition of reflection. And tell me what do you see?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

wait for it

waiting for it.  the breeze, the traffic light, the rain to fall.

waiting for it. the breath to stop, the breath to start, the love of us all.

waiting for it. the sun to shine, the sun to set, the life i imagined to start yet.

while i sit here and wait, the life blurs by.

while i stand here defiant of what is and cry.

i wait for the alarm, the important call, the slow guy in line, i smile and say this is the life.

this is our choice to be in this car.  this is my choice to let this go on so far.

this is where we choose to begin.  this is where we can let spirit in.

waiting for it. the transition to cease. i will be kept waiting for what ends, repeats.

the life happens whether we ride or not. 

turning into the flow and catching a strand, i wait... and feel the continuous force of life come in.
only after a moment of accepting what is... can i begin to imagine the what if