Monday, August 30, 2010

the train rumbles softly


So how about it.  How about this spacesuit that holds our consciousness.  How about this magical existence we ride along.  What a cosmic game. 

Its actually more of a cosmic joke.  hahaha. I'm not laughing, I'm crying for you and for me. How can this be? How can this be the ticket to ride? to wrestle with whatever is going on inside. to have it all laid out in front pretty in a row.  its alll so messy with so much in tow, cant turn this way or that, not without causing a stir.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

when our hearts collide

The words, they are nothing without the power of your heart;

the Time will come for You to do your part.

As sure as the sky above and the oceans so wide, 

I will see You when our hearts collide.

The moment will be in a curious flash. 

The elements of air, water, fire and humanity shall combine,

and the result will be a piece of our heart's mind.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

- Global Youth Peace Summit 2010 Amala Foundation

 I have no exacting words for  camp that will encompass and encapsulate the experience.

 While you are there trekking about, running into the love and tripping over the open hearts, you are in another world.

A world fueled by love, respect, honesty and community. It is a feeling; a state of being.

Language does not reach it.
 Language was not bearing or a barrier.

 When coming towards someone who did not speak my English words, their heart and eyes held a conversation with mine.

Opening up to possibilities and new pathways.  
Conversations and community created with one passionate purpose. 

Truly One Village

My duties were to hold space, offer support, assist with kitchen set up and clean up for three meals a day for maybe two hundred campers and volunteers. 

I also elected myself the peace keeper of the ranch house: bringing goodies of crystals, sage, candles, rain sticks, drums and my guitar,large plastic flowers, flying monkeys, space aged flashlights, red feather boas, blinking lighted caterpillars and a radio to keep up the spirits of the volunteers :) 
I brought way too much and loved it!

WE stayed up late, others stayed up later.  
WE cried and others cried more.  
WE laughed until our bellies were sore and others laughed even harder.  
WE laid on the road to see the meteor shower in the dark country sky.  
WE gathered in silence around a flag pole for Peace.  
WE hugged and played soccer.  
WE swam in The Blue Hole and Blanco River.  
WE sang songs and banged on drums.  
WE made art pieces and wrote PEACE statements.  WE circled up and shared. 
WE became ONE village and.....