Monday, November 10, 2008

Spacious and gracious

my tongue runs dry.

telling tales, selling wares, paying tariffs, being hassled by sheriffs.
the time has come to meet me in the space i am now.

the greeting, full and fleeting.

my blood runs cool and falls to my feet.

then rises again filling my soul body with a cleansing breath.

a nod to the divine, prayer to heart; my hands raise without thought.

agile bodymind takes practice.

Friday, November 7, 2008

musings of a tethered soul

I am the love and light of the divine spirit and one with the Universe of all ages.
These lines will help keep me bound with in the confines.
These spaces will open to bring in the light.
There are those that do not understand the language I speak.
There are those that raise my voice to the stars.
The choice present to be seen by the one it is for.

Staring into the fifth dimension beyond space, light, lines and stars and yet... within...