Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Projections of separation

sub.  deep.  below. down down down the caverns of my mind.

i live there more and more of the time.

it is hard to reach me there enfolded unto myself.

it is hard to see me there emboldened with ninja stealth.

you may see me but not be near me and not get in my game.

it is like pulling a nut through a knot hole and pull it through again.

busy like a rabbit, buzzy like a bee, I wouldn't wish that anyone is compelled to this degree.

constant humming, mental drumming, this body is numbing due to pain.

all imagined, all conjured, unreal and it cycles through this warped brain.

far from the source, continues the morphs and then stiffen to the corpse i have become.

it is a godsend i dont believe in guns.

because this particular instance is not any fun.

because this particular instance is not any fun.