Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blind Cafe

I attended Blind Cafe in Austin, held @ Vuka last night. You wait in the lobby and meet your table mates and are then led to your table in the darkness, and right away we noticed the differences in how you interact when in the dark. 

Body language is not important, and it was freeing to know that no one could see us. Talking and touch became key to sharing and communicating at the table. It was interesting that I wanted to shut my eyes in the dark and took me a while to be able to just keep them open. The music reached me differently in the dark and they were playing together in the dark, so amazing with the chords and timing!

It was amazing how much closer I thought folks were to me than they were. I had also been  in the space before and thought we were seated in a much different area than we were. My experience of the table layout was so different that what it actually was. It was made apparent that your perception is as strong as reality. What I am experiencing and what may be solid furniture can be vastly different, but not affecting me much. I still ate and enjoyed my meal and tablemates, even though my idea of the table was skewed.

The world has so much to offer in so many beautiful ways 
and each one of us has an offering to the world in our own way!! 

I plan to Go Dark more often and explore the inner and outer landscape in this way. Thank you so much Blind Cafe :D

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