Tuesday, April 9, 2013

REpost, Processing the PRO-cess

What began as a "lazy let us sleep in Saturday", quickly opened into a doorway for a huge creative shift for me.

I recently have moved into a shared housing situation and it is going beautifully! There is a lot to combining households and getting the houses in order. I am not a neat freak by any means, but I am a organizer and logical flow type person; therefore I like to set up the flow rather quickly!

11 days in the three bedroom apartment and going to work early in the morning for most of those days, a pattern was emerging and things were finding homes and feeling good. My housemates were scheduled to be on a daytrip so I left this Saturday open for those final touches: setting up the TV/DVD watching (UGH! :) ) and tidying up after christmas tree and other corners and crabby spots with collections, junk drawers etc.

After testing the cat to see if he would run off from the porch, *which he did!! ! I locked him back up:( ....I began dealing with the discarded tree. I connected with the tree because it was still very green and alive and pine scented!
I felt my self singing a song in my head that had been on loop in my car 

I then moved to the TV set up, being a bit frustrated but really wanting a successful result, I breathed through it. I still don't have the internet connected to it,I think I need a splitter piece, but it will play DVD's and that is good for movie buffs like me :)!!!

Then back to the tidying. I have the trash and recycling and we are ready to take a trip to the new dumpster area.  I come back for the tree. I take a different route thru the muddy lawn and notice a tall tree in the lawn has dropped these massive furry acorns. They are fantastic! I have never seen anything like it. They are palm sized and wet and thick brown nuggets, melting into oblivion in the mud. There are no squirrels around, so I think these are inedible for them.

Taking our small fir tree, I drag it the short length to the small dumpster area. Giving it a final glance I say thank you. and realize that my Amala Community has taught me so much about the Earth, its offerings, the abundance, the natural flow of this world. I am not quite ready to let this whole little tree go!

I want to take some of the branches and leave in the house for their scent and continued offering of the holiday spirit. I take two paper bags back out of recycling and wishing I had a small knife :)  but being a country girl I just go for it... I am able to pull of many branches as they connect to the base. They kind of peel off.

I take the pulled pieces of the tree and place them in the bag. I don't know what I will do but I am starting to get ideas... then as I am leaving and bid the tree a final farewell, I pass the acorns again.

I then pick up some handfuls of these. Some of the nuts have fallen out of the woolly casings and they look like mini bird nests. I start flowing with ideas for creative offerings and  thoughts about creating pieces. I can't believe my luck.

Even as I was working with the tree I thought about writing it down on the blog :)
What a turn my Saturday had and so grateful for being able to tap into it after being blocked for many weeks.

I ended up making arrangements of the limbs in various vases around the house. One on the Kitchen sink and one in a bathroom! The acorns are laid in a in a bed of fir limbs, housed in a chip and dip bowl. There is a bowl in the middle and then a parking space around it for chips, which I have put pieces of the tree instead. It looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself  ;)

What is your process? Do you honor it? 
How can you flourish and make time for that which is really burning within you?
Note to self: Make and take the time for these things and give them light and love. Image

 First things first.
stoke the fire of that which burns in you. 

society can wait, propriety can wait, 
taking out the trash can wait... 

sit, move, write, 
think for yourself for five minutes.... 

what arises, ride that wave, the next wave 

will carry you farther, 
farther than you even know right now to go. 

and farther than you even imagined before.

check out the amala foundation at amalafoundation.org

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