Monday, November 29, 2010

broken, yet perfect...

Golly gee...
Look at me so fancy and full of intention....
when its all said and done, ask did you have fun? ... 

then you can be sure of the direction.

Days full of technical quirks, the computer is a jerk, the streaming was done while i was dreaming...

Hit a speed bump and dissolve into a lump; try to avoid ditches full of bitches.
No energy to disagree,
still I cannot foster a new agreement.


Nights with screaming streets and easy treats leave me lean, no longer green.
Dark dank alleys mapped in the memory mind,
How lucky I turned at the right time.

My unknown prayer saying, "One day one time it may align, live with this hope or leave it all behind."

Broken, yet perfect... distinguished by scars, barred from biker bars, played by guitars and strung out in a melody of me.

Swim easy like a mermaid, dance like a cat on catnip and smile as a dog with a bone... 
Sing a sigh of relief because you have called your own master home.

Broken, yet perfect... the valley only low because the mountain grew, 
out of the light and into the depth of me with you.

Meet force with the forceful, meet peace with the peaceful, meet love with power of a whole heart.

Once relaxed the bonds coalesce and the caress is felt through and through.

How good, how real: to be broken and perfect and true. 

photos: myquite via Greece


Thomas Vinson said...

The Dog's Response

It is now
I am here
Let me raise my head a bit,
look around,
Go back to sleep.

thundercloudcat said...

Thank you to The Dog and to you Thomas for your interpretative skills! I love it, ahhh perspective, like a prism. also the view of a light depends on the source and where you happen to be standing....