Tuesday, November 2, 2010

wait for it

waiting for it.  the breeze, the traffic light, the rain to fall.

waiting for it. the breath to stop, the breath to start, the love of us all.

waiting for it. the sun to shine, the sun to set, the life i imagined to start yet.

while i sit here and wait, the life blurs by.

while i stand here defiant of what is and cry.

i wait for the alarm, the important call, the slow guy in line, i smile and say this is the life.

this is our choice to be in this car.  this is my choice to let this go on so far.

this is where we choose to begin.  this is where we can let spirit in.

waiting for it. the transition to cease. i will be kept waiting for what ends, repeats.

the life happens whether we ride or not. 

turning into the flow and catching a strand, i wait... and feel the continuous force of life come in.
only after a moment of accepting what is... can i begin to imagine the what if

1 comment:

Angela said...

Wowowowowowow! This is a stunning piece of work... keep writing... the world needs more of this... and you!