Monday, November 15, 2010

oh and another thing....

just a reminder, just a note, all of this seeming forgone conclusion is all a joke.

It can change every moment, in a flash, the things you hold dear smoked out in a flash.

Just think of what you think of yourself today, and how many costumes you will put on your masked soul in this way.

Imagine impermanence and imagine it for real, take on an idea of  permanence and how does that feel?  The only thing constant and forever is change, just when you get an idea and get used to it, it will go out of range.

You are forever a changeling and others are too, this is not just your universe, I live in it too.

WE don't always get whatever we want, but for god sakes can I get it without getting caught.... getting caught in the memory, or lost in the dream?  for whatever I am into is not whatever it seems.

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