Thursday, December 2, 2010

the sign says significant insignificance

the power of communication is one of those ever intangible things of this world. do others really ever heed what we are trying to convey?  does the message get across, how does one expect another to truly be wholly within your experience.  this takes clear conscious communication from deep inside one's own being.  even then the transmission can only hope to reach a percentage of clarity for the intended participant.  i have a lot to learn in communicating.  placating and dancing: i have no more use for those lessons...  the tough lessons keep coming back for me to take on. and they will continue until the learning has been done.  a big decision is being presented.  a life plan with real tangible results is on the horizon.  this will take communication for me to convey my desires to this world.  no longer can i hope for assumption, luck and irony to tow my ropes.  i know that a message can be sent from myself to others, but no longer can i be lazy or can we take a break from this.  it is the most important thing.  there is no point in talking if no point is to be made.

Also sometimes the power of silence and keeping thoughts and projections to oneself are very important.  By spreading out the energy of a thought or idea or retelling of a circumstance and story do you only feed or take away from its force.  Take care in what you say to yourself as well.  Your self speak is likely the most important place to start using conscious language. AS I said in the beginning of this post, You are the only one who is wholly within your experience, you might as well be nice to yourself and have a bit of fun, and not take this (life) shit too seriously.

I had a moment where dealing with pilot light and gas and heat and had a flash of imagination that there could easily be an explosion and I would be blown to bits.  I took a deep breath and welcomed life and death in the same breath.  It was a powerful moment to realize that this is all a gift and a borrowed one at that.  A friend of mine told me that someone in her class at UT was found dead in his apartment, mid 30 year old undergrad.... poof, gone to the other plane of life after this life.... chew on this my friends and speak from your heart and body mind connection.  This life is significant and insignificant all in the same token.  A one sided coin.   NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE. LOVE

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Russell Balch said...

this be a highly flammable existence on our little Earthly Spaceship... basking in the glow of that raging blaze until we are consumed.