Tuesday, June 5, 2012

so to begin my day at work I usually log onto STEREOMOOD, which is a very fun playlist website and I pick INSPIRE... and this song  WE ARE YOUNG by FUN comes on! I sang this song for the entire MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY recently, humming it in the kayak :) Just popped in and stayed all day. I even pulled up the video to show my friends that day. So when it played first thing this morning I had to share more in depth with y'all!

This video is very cool with its special effects and each time I watch it I see more cool stuff. I really like it as an expression of the song. It takes it to another level for me, rather than telling the story of the song it illustrates the angst, anger, and confusion of youth trying to swim upstream in the night.

First let me tell you how much I love this tune. not just the lyrics, but the actual song and beat, phrasing and music.... couple that with a great message in the lyrics which are shown here.

Then they gotta go and make a spoof which takes this song to a whole new platform and speaks to my mid life nearing heart! ENjoy!!!


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