Saturday, September 25, 2010

whatever works

 I used to piss off my mom to no end, as a teenager, when asked a question , I would shrug my shoulders high, roll my eyes and reply...." Whatever!" 

I recall being wholly committed to the Whatever philosophy as an adolescent. I truly did not care.  It was whatever, I'll go to church. Whatever, going to the Mall.  It was Whatever that I wanted for my birthday.  Whatever was also what I usually had done in school that day.   Whatever replied to the waitress. Whatever was told to my father countless times, when told about Colleges, stocks and other adult topics.

Whatever also extended well in play with friends and teammates.  Whatever was what I wanted to do most weekends, eat at their house, and to watch on TV.

Along the way the Whatever Philosophy fell out of my bag of tricks and was replaced with more engaging and thoughtful replies.Whatever did not seem to serve the purpose driven life, or nail a job interview. Adultism spread like a virus through my brain and canceled the Whatevers that I had swimming in my head.

Today, I would like to try a shoulder shrugging Whatever response to my world.  I think this could be the missing link between me and my highest purpose.  If I can employ a fraction of the Whatevers that I had in high school, I might be able to get out of my own way today.  I could find myself in a hot air balloon trip around the world, a newly scratched off Million dollar lottery ticket, with the band members of KISS, a movie ready wardrobe and my one true love. 

Employing the Whatever philosophy to one's life, although technically rude and obnoxious as a response; one is opening to possibility.  Letting Universe decide. Taking this armchair approach and relaxed devil may care attitude frees up alot of junk and lets things fall into place.

I will get back with you and let you know how this enhances or screws up my day.  Or not...



Russell Balch said...

The Fates are a diabolical group of 'whatever' loving oracles... tossing it out to the who, what, when and where of this jukee-jaggy life. 'Whatever' thrown against a wall of 'what have ye' works for myself. Letting go can be a transformation and liberating experience...

thundercloudcat said...

on the wingbeats of butterflies...!! the jukee jaggy life is as fagile and powerful as that all at the same time. thank you for combining the imagery for me!